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Elsevier has been working with ACURIL for the last few years with the aim of generating a  close collaboration, which is why we are offering a trial of the Osmosis platform at a special  time. 

Osmosis is a longitudinal e-learning solution that supports teaching and learning with a  robust library of illustrated videos on essential sciences and clinical topics. 

During your trial you can explore the platform’s features and learn how Osmosis can be used  to encourage self-directed learning. Students can improve their comprehension and  retention by self-quizzing with playlists like this. 

To learn more about the power of self-quizzing, take a look at this study on test-enhanced  learning our partners at the University of the Pacific published after providing Osmosis access  to their students.  

We encourage you to explore the platform and ask us any questions you have during your  trial. 

Please let us know if you are interested on this trial, please send an email 

Thank you,  

Anahid Tapia Lara  

Education Solutions Manager  

ELSEVIER | Global Medical Education | LATAM  

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