Special Interest Groups


Chair: Cheryl Peltier-Davis (Trinidad & Tobago)

Co-chair: Anne Pajard (Martinique) and Laurie Taylor (United States)

Academic, Special and Information Technologies

Portrait of pupils and teacher looking at page of interesting book in library

Chair: Astrid Britten (Aruba)  

Co-Chair: Dorcas Bowler (Bahamas) 

National, Public and School Libraries


Chair: Margot Thomas (St. Lucia)

Co-Chair: Lorraine Nero  (Trinidad & Tobago)

Co-Chair: Izaskun Herrojo-Salas (Dominican Republic) 

Archives and Document Management

Content Areas Roundtable


Chair: David Drysdale (Jamaica) 

Chair: Dulce María Núñez de Taveras (Dominican Republic) 

Research in the Information Field


Chair: Astrid Britten (Aruba) 

Co-Chair: Luis Méndez-Márquez (Puerto Rico)

Agriculture, Environment and Green Libraries


Chair: Monique Alberts (Curacao) 

Dorcas Bowler (Bahamas)

Co-Chairs: Nicholas Graham (Jamaica)  

Erick Toussaint (Haiti) 

Cultural Heritage


Chair: Ardis Hanson (Tampa, Florida, USA) 

Co-Chairs: Berthamae Walker (Bahamas) 

Jane Smith (Suriname) 

Elizabeth Pierre-Louis (Haiti) 

 Evidence-based Practice and Continuing Professional Development


Chair: Marisol Florén-Romero (Florida, USA) 

Co-Chair: Héctor Rubén Sánchez (Puerto Rico) 

Law and Social Science

Students working on laptop and studying for the next exam. They’re all wearing protective face mask due to pandemic outbreak.

Chair: Carmen Santos-Corrada (Puerto Rico) 

Co-Chair: Ayaana Alleyne-Cumberbatch (Trinidad & Tobago) 

 Virtual Health Libraries in the Caribbean


Chair: Jeannette Lebrón-Ramos (Puerto Rico)

Co-Chairs: Kumaree Ramtahal (Trinidad & Tobago) 

Mario Torres-Ramos (Puerto Rico)

Virtual Reference Services and Electronic Resources