ACURIL’S SOCIAL MEDIATHON 2017 TO SUPPORT LIBRARIES, ARCHIVES AND MUSEUMS IN THE CARIBBEAN We extend our thoughts and prayers to all ACURILEANS who have been affected by Hurricanes Irma & Maria. I am encouraging all our members and supporters to contribute generously

USE #ACURILSocialMediathon : 30th November and 1st December 2017 ACURIL’s EXECUTIVE COUNCIL INVITES YOU TO JOIN AND PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY IN ACURIL’s SOCIALMEDIATHON FUND-RAISING CAMPAIGN: RECOVERY, RELIEF AND REBUILDING to Support Caribbean Libraries, Archives, Museums affected by Hurricanes Irma & Maria   TIME

EBSCO DONATES $10,000 (US) AND DISASTER DATABASES TO ACURIL’S CAMPAIGN EBSCO CONTRIBUTES TO ACURIL’s DISASTER RELIEF CAMPAIGN Anticipating ACURIL’s Disaster Relief Campaign with the SOCIAL MEDIATHON EVENT, EBSCO has donated $10,000 (US) to the cause. On Tuesday, 21 November 2017, Mr. Rafael

ACURIL’s SOCIAL MEDIATHON PROGRAM ACURIL’s Executive Council cordially invites you to participate proactively in its SOCIAL MEDIATHON 2017FUND-RAISING CAMPAIGN: RECOVERY, RELIEF AND REBUILDINGto Support Caribbean Libraries, Archives, Museums Affected by Hurricanes Irma & Maria Schedule Day 1: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 30, 2017, 4:00